When brothers share a wife

While polyandry helps regulate population, this function of polyandry is not consciously perceived by Tibetans and is not the reason they consistently choose it.

He is fifteen years old and his two older brothers are twenty-five and twenty-two years old. The age of the brothers plays an important role in determining this: In a family where all the children were female, sisterly polygynous marriage represented the most common choice.

The widespread practice of fraternal polyandry, therefore, is not the outcome of a law requiring brothers to marry jointly.

Thus, a brother contemplating going it on his own must plan on achieving economic security and the good life not through inheritance but through his own work.

The obvious solution for younger brothers--creating new fields from virgin land--is generally not a feasible option. Moreover, a younger brother may not even get a house and cannot expect to receive much above the minimum in terms of movable possessions, such as furniture, pots, and pans.

A "stem family" is one in which a married child is inextricably linked to his natal family in a common household. Traditionally, When brothers share a wife was arranged by parents, with children, particularly females, having little or no say. Since the Tibetan subsistence economy requires males When brothers share a wife travel a lot, the temporary absence of one or more brothers facilitates this, but there are also other rotation practices.

In this case, a rule of inheritance such as primogeniture, could retain the family land intact but only at the cost of creating many landless male offspring.

The concept of keeping one wife to prevent family division so that conflict with other wives and preference for their children does not happen, is a great idea. The children, in turn, consider all of the brothers as their fathers and treat them equally' even if they also know who is their real father.

Another reason for polyandry is that the mountainous terrain makes some of the farm land difficult to farm, requiring more physical strength. In contrast, the family practicing fraternal polyandry maintains a steady ration of persons to land.

March 14, at 8: Women take multiple husbands because they are strong and able to help tend their land. Fraternal polyandry also accomplishes this but does so by keeping all the brothers together with just one wife so that there is only one set of heirs per generation.

In such cases the woman takes a bridegroom who comes to live in her family and adopts her family's name and identity. Consequently, although men and women do not find the idea of sharing a bride or bridegroom repulsive, individual likes and dislikes can cause familial discord. Consequently, it is almost never done.

Each plot has to be completely dug out to a depth of two to two and a half feet so that the large rocks and boulders can be removed. Not only has there never been institutionalized female infanticide in Tibet, but Tibetan society gives females considerable rights, including inheriting the family estate in the absence of brothers.

Not sure I could do it! Tibetan males and females do not find the sexual aspect of sharing a spouse the least bit unusual, repulsive, or scandalous, and the norm is for the wife to treat all the brothers the same.

And when I later asked Dorje's bride whether it wasn't difficult for her to cope with three brothers as husbands, she laughed and echoed the rationale of avoiding fragmentation of the family and land, adding that she expected to be better off economically, since she would have three husbands working for her and her children.

They raised these children as single mothers, working for wages or weaving cloth and blankets for sale.

When Brothers Share a Wife Essay Sample

In polyandrous conjugal family, the eldest brother was, more often than not, the dominant person in the household. Originally published in Natural History, Marchpp The age of the brothers plays an important role in determining this: These spinsters either continued to live at home, set up their own households, or worked as servants for other families.

Consequently, it is almost never done.

Polyandry in Tibet

From the perspective of the younger brother in a landholding family, the main incentive is the attainment or maintenance of the good life. Land inheritance rules were different from taxpayer families, determined by the district authority and not strictly hereditary to the family unit.

The climate in Tibet is extremely harsh, and ecological factors do play a major role in perpetuating polyandry, but polyandry is not a means of preventing starvation.

Polyandry in Tibet

For example, because authority is customarily exercised by the eldest brother, his younger male siblings have to subordinate themselves with little hope of changing their status within the family. The family organization was based on these two patterns to avoid the partitioning of their estates.

Above that altitude, early frost and snow destroy the staple barley crop. Like the householders, they tended to have less polyandry than the taxpayer families.

If one of the brothers in a polyandrous marriage felt displeased, he only had to leave the household. To elucidate, let us consider a family with two or more sons.

When brothers share a wife?

Even where unused land capable of being farmed exists, clearing the land and building the substantial terraces necessary for irrigation constitute a great undertaking.Polyandry is a marital arrangement in which a woman has several husbands.

In Tibet, those husbands are often brothers; "fraternal polyandry".Concern over which children are fathered by which brother falls on the wife alone. She may or may not say who the father is because she does not wish to create conflict in the family or is unsure who the biological father is. This article was different and different due to the cultures, beliefs, and values.

I had my own views on this article. one of my views on this article was that people shouldnt share wives espeically if the wife is their own sister. The brother should be able to go out and find his own wife instead of living in their older brothers shadow. Created Date: 1/4/ PM.

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When Brothers Share a Wife

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When brothers share a wife
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