Research objectives of key factors in motivation of employee

Organizations in which job continuity and security are high tend to have higher retention rates. He obtained his PhD in Economics in and his habilitation in at the economics faculty of the University of Goettingen. Please tell a friend if you enjoy this site!

In addition, a motivating work environment must be one in which employees are treated fairly. Introduction Ghanaian universities, especially the technical universities, play a crucial role in the ongoing transformation of Ghanaian society, and as such, they present an interesting context for studying matters of staff retention.

Each of the 16 sales forces had independent, unique plans. However, a prevalent concern has been that no formal retention programmes exist to keep these academic staff. The next set of needs is social, which refers to the desire for acceptance, affiliation, reciprocal friendships and love.

The phenomenon of intrinsic motivation was first acknowledged within experimental studies of animal behavior. Information and Knowledge Management, 3 5— Regional seminars would broach the idea of a strategy against corruption, with examples, and technical assistance would help countries that wished to enter the contest to design their proposals.

Employee Motivation

Similarly, Alfes, Shantz, Truss and Soane contend that personal values of individuals influence their beliefs, behaviour and the decisions they make at the workplace. Countries like India, enacted a special Act called Maternity Benefit Act, for the ensuring of maternity benefit to women employees by their employer who are covered under the said Act.

Hold weekly or biweekly meetings with all employees together if the organization is small e. Every management member is approachable in this university. This scan usually involves considering various driving forces, or major influences, that might effect the organization.

Since geographic, sectoral, idiomatic and other influences are accounted for, it is argued that these findings are due to a differentiated inclination of exporters to offer bribes. Incentive theory is especially supported by Skinner in his philosophy of Radical behaviorism, meaning that a person's actions always have social ramifications: Clearly specify your preferred results Give information on what, why, when, who and where.

Sometimes an individual in the HR area is assigned to specifically focus on retention to ensure that it receives high priority.

In relation to motivation, classical conditioning might be seen as one explanation as to why an individual performs certain responses and behaviors in certain situations. Organization Environment It is not about managing retention.

International cooperation can help individual countries develop both the will and the capacity to fight corruption. These positive developments were identified by academic staff themselves, as discussed earlier. Employees today are different. Far too often, people put emphasis on written codes of ethics and codes of conduct.

Intrinsic motivation is the self-desire to seek out new things and new challenges, to analyze one's capacity, to observe and to gain knowledge. Above all, the black box of corrupt transactions is opened, enabling thereby to understand the channels through which capture occurs.


Greenhaus and Allen mention that if employees feel that they are unable to attain a work—life balance, they may be more predisposed to leave for an environment that can support this expectation. Peek flow can be different for each person.

Accordingly, institutional leaders could benefit from understanding those retention factors that might serve to retain such caliber of staff.

Institutional mission and vision Participants made reference to the need to be part of an institution with an inspirational vision and mission to which they all relate. Krishnan posits that the turnover of qualified and talented employees is associated with significant direct and indirect costs to an organisation.

Compensation can be tangible or intangible, It helps in motivating the employees in their corporate life, students in academics and inspire to do more and more to achieve profitability in every field. The units of data acquired through content analysis were not too broad with multiple meanings.

This might also be true for the universities in Ghana.Behavioral Audits. Understand how your employee programs are driving motivation and behavior and identify gaps within your strategy.

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1. Performance management and employee engagement.

Free Basic Guide to Leadership and Supervision

Performance management is a critical aspect of organizational effectiveness (Cardy, ).Because it is the key process through which work is accomplished, it is considered the “Achilles Heel” of managing human capital (Pulakos, ) and should therefore be a top priority of managers (Lawler, ).

Interscience Management Review (IMR) ISSN: Volume-2, Issue-2, 81 Effective Organizational Communication: a Key to Employee Motivation and Performance. Abstract This research aspires to examine the factors for employee performance in Islamic Banks.

Based on the literature Key words Employee performance, job stress, communication ). Furthermore, employee motivation provides as an important factor of business activities whereby high motivation matches with job satisfaction, an.

Incentive Schemes, Employee Motivation And Productivity In Organizations In Nigeria: Analytical Linkages 34 | Page. Overview. Career paths and career ladders are two traditional methods by which an employee can develop and progress within an organization.

Career ladders are the progression of jobs in an.

Research objectives of key factors in motivation of employee
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