Ekushey book fair

Inthe Mujibur Rahman government took over the ownership and management of four daily newspapers and one periodical: In the absence of genuine social, cultural and economic integration between the two wings of Pakistan, East Pakistan remained neglected and disgruntled as its cultural ethnic identity overwhelmed the common Islamic tie with West Pakistan, whose bureaucracy and military gave a disproportionately low representation to East Pakistanis, who numbered 55 percent to West Pakistan's 45 percent.

Ekushey Book Fair

Many journalists cite fear of possible harassment, retaliation, or physical harm as a reason to avoid sensitive stories. The people are ethnically homogeneous, 98 percent of them speaking Bengali, which is the national language, mandatory in all government offices; English is understood by the elite and serves also as an official language.

The Muslim League was a British Indian political party that became the driving force behind the creation of Pakistan as a Muslim state separate from British India. Bangla Academy has its own stall in the fair a makeshift one beside its permanent sales centre.

Political parties and persons acting on their behalf conducted attacks both on media offices; individual journalists were targeted for their unfavorable news reporting. State-Press Relations Journalists and others are potentially subject to incarceration when criminal libel proceedings are filed by private parties.

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Bengali is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language that arose from the eastern Middle Indic languages around CE [6] and developed considerably during the Bengal Renaissance. Among the well-funded publication groups in the private sector are the Ittefaq Group and the Inquilab Group.

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Police routinely use torture, beatings and other forms of abuse while interrogating suspects. The PC has no powers to take action against the government for transgressing the freedom of the press, nor does the government consult the PC before taking action against a newspaper or a journalist.

More thanpeople assembled at a public meeting held in Dhaka, where community leaders called for the immediate release of Maulana Bhashani and other political prisoners.

In the past, commercial organizations often were reluctant to advertise in newspapers critical of the Government due to fear of government or bureaucratic retaliation, however, this appears no longer to be the case.

Foreign publications are subject to review and censorship. The fair turns into a great festival for the book lovers and cultural activists.

Many of its columnists enjoy an international reputation for their superior abilities in reporting and analysis. In the following year, the daily Azad and the morning Newswhich were published in Calcutta since and respectively shifted to Dhaka.

Two more Bengali dailies, which grew into being the most important newspapers in Bangladesh — the Sangbad and the Ittefaq — began publication in and respectively while another daily, the Pakistan Observer in English started in He led a rally ofpeople to protest against the Muslim League's decision.

He was soon replaced by an army general. Inthe theme of daily conference was 'Bengali Literature and Culture - Achievement of three decades'. I can remember the happy days with my parents.

The Ittefaqwhich commands the largest circulation.

International Mother Language Day

The Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh, consisting of those elected inadopted a constitution effective Decemberproviding for a parliamentary democracy based on four principles: The teachers were all very affectionate.

It has agreed to follow the existing censorship guidelines. Broadcast Media To start with, East Pakistan, as Bangladesh was then known, had very poor telecommunications.MUKTADHARA. Muktadhara Prokashoni is probably the very first reason for the readers to take part in and celebrate the Ekushey book fair.

On February 21,Chittaranjan Saha, an avid booklover. “The sci-fi novels that I have been going through in the Ekushey book fair are mostly teen thrillers,” said Samiul.

“That is why I prefer to go for translations. But Seba Prokashoni is the best place for me. Oct 03,  · One can hardly forget one’s childhood memories whether pleasant or painful. I can still remember my childhood very much.

I was born in a village in. Ekushey Book Fair is now a popular festival in the life of Bangladeshi people. It is held only once in a year.


Ekushey Book Fair or Amor Ekushey Grontho Mela (Book Fair of the Immortal 21st), commonly known as Ekushey Boi Mela (Book Fair of the 21st), is the national book fair of Bangladesh.

Children accompanied by their parents roam around the stalls at the Ekushey Book Fair during Children's Hours on Friday, the second day of the month-long fair.

International Mother Language Day

Ekushey Book Fair is a grand fair of books which is organised by the Bangla Academy every year in February, the month of language movement. A lot of new books are published on this occasion and people visit the fair to collect the books of their favorite writers.

Ekushey book fair
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