Controlling cardiovascular disease through diet and exercise health and social care essay

Raise your blood pressure Increase your chances of stroke Increase your risk of dying if you have a heart attack Damage your heart muscle and lead to heart failure On the other hand, moderate use of alcohol may have these two benefits: Population strategies to decrease sodium intake and the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Chronic diseases have one or more of the following characteristics: One example is eliminating the partial hydrogenation of vegetable oils, which destroys essential omega-3 fatty acids and creates trans fatty acids.

In China, 72 percent of children age 6 to 18 engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity for a median of 90 to minutes per week Tudor-Locke and others Countries can take a number of steps to make positive changes.

Obesity is excess body fat. Therapeutic goals and recommendations include: It is most effective when combined with lifestyle changes for weight reduction. Its recommendations, now adopted, included new spending on pedestrian safety, a citywide bicycle network, more greenways and park-and-ride programs, and more rail transportation or bus services.

In a prospective study in eight provinces in China, 14 percent of households acquired a car between andand the likelihood of men becoming obese during the same period was twice as great in households that acquired a car than in those that did not A.

For decades the elderly have been receiving vaccination against influenza and it is also commonplace for young children to receive inoculations for diptheria, tentanus, pertussis, polio, meningitis-causing Haemophilus influenzae, measles, mups, rubells, and hepatitis B.

If you have diabetes, closely monitor your blood sugar levels. In many areas, the shift toward private car use has not yet begun and can perhaps be forestalled by policies that benefit walkers and cyclists rather than drivers.

Preventive Services Task Force also strongly recommends screenings for colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, and Chlamydia infection. Studies have also been done on what degree can preventions contribute to controlling costs of health care. Sibutramine is a serotonin - norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor that acts to alter brain centers that control hunger and satiation.

Dependence on automobiles affects physical activity, because those who use public transportation tend to walk more.

Heart Disease Prevention

In Bangkok and Manila, only 25 percent of travel is by car, motorcycle, or taxi, compared with 75 percent by public transportation or walking Pendakur Economic Policies Economic policies can have important effects on behavior and choices, and these policies have been particularly useful in reducing the prevalence of smoking see chapter Avoid Tobacco Use Avoidance of smoking by preventing initiation or by cessation for those who already smoke is the single most important way to prevent CVD and cancer chapter Lifestyle choices and heart health Heart disease is a debilitating condition for many Americans.

The following list discusses six aspects of diet for which strong evidence indicates important health implications table Discuss your treatment plan regularly and bring a list of questions to your appointments. Research has shown that some preventative measures may reduce health cost, but many actually increase health care cost.

Primary prevention of coronary heart disease in women through diet and lifestyle. Investment in roads rather than in public transportation creates a vicious cycle: An increase in moderate physical activity by three to five hours per week is considered likely to lower the risk of many diseases, but data to model the cost-effectiveness of this intervention are not currently available.

Look for " low sodium " on food labels. Many Western European countries have taken steps to increase safety for cyclists and walkers.

Increasing taxes on petroleum products and subsidizing public transportation could have an important effect on choice of transportation modality, which as noted earlier, has major effects on health. Limit consumption of sugar and sugar-based beverages.

National Policy What nation has experienced a marked reduction in coronary artery disease over the past 40 years? In Germany and the Netherlands, bike paths serve as travel routes, not just weekend recreational destinations as they do in the United States.Medical experts have long recognized the effects of diet on the risk of CVD, but the relationship between diet and many other conditions, including specific cancers, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, cholelithiasis, renal stones, dental disease, and birth defects, have been documented more recently.

Hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias and valvular heart disease, coagulopathies and stroke, collectively known as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), contribute greatly to the mortality, morbidity and economic burden of illness in Canada and in other countries.

Health promotion and disease prevention have been utilized in the U. S. health care system for many of years and extensive research has been done on which preventive measures are most likely to protect individual palmolive2day.coms have also been done on what degree can preventions contribute to controlling costs of health care.

Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, is one of the best things you can do for helps cut your chances of getting heart's good for your blood pressure, cholesterol. Exercise for a Healthy Heart If you have heart disease, becoming more active is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It helps with your blood pressure and weight, and it makes your heart stronger.

Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Economic and Social Costs Disparities. Related. Healthy People Objectives. Prevention Opportunities. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Introduction. obesity accounted for % of the health care expenditures in the United States.

Prevention: What You Can Do

In addition to.

Controlling cardiovascular disease through diet and exercise health and social care essay
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