Classic airlines and marketing concepts

While they are often used interchangeably or grouped together they are two different concepts and it is important to understand those differences. For example, all people fly airplanes with one major goal in mind — to get somewhere.

11 Good Airline Marketing Strategies

If you provide a quality flight time after time, then people are willing to book tickets. In the service industry, various companies compete to offer the best experience despite relatively similar end products. Do you have relationships with rental car agencies or hotels that can give people additional discounts?

The price is likely to fall over time as competition is encountered. The Barco case illustrates several marketing strategy concepts: Then you can utilize these additional ideas that have found success. High Segment 4 Income: Companies typically set sales volume targets for a period weeks, months, and quarters and have strategies in place where the individuals responsible for actually selling can make those targets.

Consumers with different purposes of travelling have different priorities.

Four Tools Used in Strategic Planning for Marketing & Sales

Furthermore, each person uses the scale differently. The official website of AirAsia, allows you to pay using multiple currency options and with the partnership of Expedia, AirAsia website serves as the only website a passenger need to book a flight, accommodation and ground arrangements.

Nevertheless, the company ought to ask itself whether it can sell the product or whether they charge enough for it before producing or providing that given products or services. Just as Virgin Atlantic were fresh and unique in their early years, the brand continues to innovate and always be ahead in the game.

Approaches to the Study of Marketing (4 Approaches)

For example, consumers from Segment 4 place high emphasis on value-for-money because these consumers are working for corporations that are currently affected by the economic recession happening, thus they are required to reduce their expenses as much as possible AirAsia, d.

It provides counseling and exclusive access to Boeing line of products. Where Can You Save? With the implementation of CRM, it would help to reduce the operational cost in the company. In order for AirAsia to maintain its profitability and ensure its stays in line with cost leadership business model, AirAsia has to offer more routes and products in its portfolio.

Figure 1 indicates the position in which AirAsia currently stands against its competitors.

Classic Airlines Marketing Concepts

With this, management can perform corrective action and step and thus, it could lower the unnecessary cost incurred in the operation.

Other than that, the company could acquire new customers by execute some promotions to attract potential customers through communication medium such as telephone, emails, internet and sales visit.

For example, consumers [Segment 4] who travel frequently for business meetings would have a high usage rate of air travel as they are required to travel to different destinations frequently.

Your best strength is what will distinguish you from the other airlines that serve similar areas of the population base.Concepts in consumer psychology help identify the reasons why consumers develop positive or negative feelings toward brands like airlines. By exploring concepts of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, airlines better position themselves to rise above the competition.

The marketing mix helps you define the marketing elements for successfully positioning your market offer. One of the best-known models is the 4Ps of Marketing, which helps you define your marketing options in terms of product, place, price, and promotion.

Classic examples of known but unsought products and services are life insurance, preplanned funeral services, and blood donations. By their very nature, unsought products require a lot of advertising, personal selling, and other marketing efforts.

Virgin Atlantic – Original Concept

the last industries to experience the adoption of the marketing concept. In reality, despite the widespread acceptance of the marketing concept in principle, the development of management skills required to effect marketing plans still remains a problem area for many airline firms.

Classic Airlines has an opportunity to alter the landscape of the airlines industry. In order to succeed, Classic Airlines must be able to correctly forecast market potential and future demand, by establishing long-term marketing objectives.

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Societal marketing, an offshoot of the marketing concept and corporate social responsibility, began in the late of s and early s. It challenges companies to work for the benefits of both consumers and society while still attaining a profit.

Classic airlines and marketing concepts
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