Book report in a bag project

In addition to the biography response to literature, students will create a paper bag puppet of the person whose life they read about. Describe the main problem s that the characters face in the story. Each student chooses and reads a book independently, with teacher approval.

Students present their projects, in detail, to the class - first explaining the outside of their bags and then explaining each of the items inside. For a quick list of folded paper book report ideas, check out this site from About. Provide time in class for students to complete their book report projects so they can see others working and have guided practice at fulfilling the promise of their written plans.

Related learning resources Activity Make a Career Book! Why do the characters act the way they do? Background should be drawn on the top two triangles before gluing.

Fun Book Reports - Paper Bag Book Report

I did this with my class quite well. Tie one end of the string to the top of the figure, thread the other end of the string through the hole. To learn more, see Split a view. I once had a student who attached a small basketball hoop to the front of his bag and another student glued fake plant leaves onto the front of his bag.

Books Paper bags large to lunch-size Decorative items for the bag markers, stickers, etc. Our Book in a Bag Projects were due today and, oh my, look at the table in our room! There is lots of room to be creative with this project, so let your child's imagination run wild!

A wrinkle in time paper bag project. ergent please help?

Now, you cannot do all these presentations in one day! Students can assess each other using a teacher-devised scoring rubric for both the bag and the presentation. Use puppets or small toys to retell the story.

The bags are all so different and so well done!

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One that is not too easy and not too hard for you. You can make a report part of a split view so you can see the report change in real time as you work on project data.

You can also add new images including photosshapes, charts, or tables here. You are only limited by your imagination, and by the specific needs of your children! Info-spheres from Pamela Udelhofen Materials: Make a small booklet with a key picture and word or sentence on each page.

You also need to include whether that character is considered to be static unchanging throughout the story or dynamic some type of change has taken place with this character and what evidence there is to support your response.

Make a Paper Bag Book

These were fun extra details that went with their books and made the bags look great!! The child draws a part of the story in each triangle. A small paper bag without handles - a brown paper lunch bag works great for this project Several pieces of construction paper in different colors Scissors Pen What You Do: Write a few key words on small cards to represent different parts of the book.

For example, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" might call for a soup spoon, a thermometer, a piece of doll house furniture, an ad for running shoes, etc.

Here are, in my opinion, ten of the best creative book report ideas. After reading the book, students will then write the standard five paragraph response to literature that was required of them for the first book report.Stand the book, cover open at a 45 degree angle, on a sheet of paper.

Draw a triangle by tracing around the cover and sketching a straight line across the open front. Add 1/2" to each side and cut out to create a template for the purse's side insets.

Create a project report

Project 1 Create a Book Report in a Bag INSTRUCTIONS 1. Decorate a brown lunch bag or gift bag to reflect a book jacket. Include the title and the author/illustrator of the book.

Put your name on the bottom of the bag. 2. Put into the bag important elements from the story, character, setting & plot. 3. The report then explores the impact on primary consumers, such as grocery stores and other retail stores, and on retail customers, who are the typical end users of plastic carryout bags.

4. The report concludes with a discussion of the potential socioeconomic impact. As a new project, it’s perfectly fine to tell the children (and parents) that you’d like their input on the bags so that you know what’s working well at home, as well as what’s not so effective, as you develop bags.

• paper grocery bags, two per household • items from the Household lists Lesson 6 The Garbage Project 37 5. Instruct the students about what is going to happen.

Each group will spokesperson to report on the findings of the group. 9. Allow groups ample time to analyze the artifacts in their bag. The student who did this project said his kids loved it and they would hang them from the ceiling or put them on a window sill.

Book Jackets from Laura B. The 4th grade teacher in our school does a book jacket book report. She has the kids fold the paper like it’s a hard cover book book jacket.

Book report in a bag project
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